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EU Climate pact Satellite event

This September 2 at 6 pm GMT+2, Zigurat will hold a masterclass with Mirbek Bekboliev, professor of our Master’s in Global BIM Management and recently elected EU Climate Pact Ambassador. The session will be dedicated to sustainability and green building topics.

How to plan Sustainable Buildings?

That’s the question that the masterclass taking place on Thursday, September 2 will set out to answer. It is an open to public satellite event of the EU Climate Pact organized by Zigurat Global Institute of Technology. In charge of the session will be Mirbek Bekboliev, a Green Building expert who also teaches the MEP and Energy modules of Global Master’s in BIM Management. Mirbek was appointed recently as an Ambassador for the EU Climate Pact. 

In particular, the masterclass will explore how to plan, simulate and use openBIM standards and BIM Tools to plan sustainable buildings. Next to the practical examples for related use cases, also in the area of MEP and BEM, there would be short insights on related UN SDG and EU Climates Pact goals.

Mirbek Bekboliev appointed as EU Climate Pact Ambassador

The EU describes its Climate Pact Ambassadors as “people passionate about climate action and making change happen” whose role is to inform, inspire and support climate action in their communities and networks. Looking at Mirbek’s main areas of research and interests -Green Building Design & Principles, LEED, Passivhaus + ZEB, PV, Building Energy Performance, etc.- we can be certain that he has a lot to contribute to raising the awareness about building in a more sustainable way.

At Zigurat, we hope you will be able to join Mirbek’s masterclass next week and start learning about Sustainable Buildings and Green BIM.

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