Valerio Alessandroni


Valerio Alessandroni Professor Digital Business Global MBA at Zigurat Innovation School

Valerio Alessandroni

Professor at Tallinn Technical University
Technical Director at EFCC

Professor of:

After graduating in Electric Engineering in Milano, Italy, Valerio Alessandroni worked as a designer of industrial equipment, before starting an international training and consulting activity in Industrial Automation. Some of the covered subjects are digital electronics, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, fieldbus and network technologies, Profibus and Profinet, etc. During the years he has also been Technical Director of b2b publications like Ingegneria Elettronica, Automazione Oggi, Fieldbus & Networks and Controllo e Misura.

More recently, he became a certified Profibus and Profinet Engineer and in 2015 he established EFCC – Estonian Fieldbus Competency Centre.

Valerio also has a long experience as speaker or chairman in conferences on subjects like m2m communications, Building Automation, green energy, the calibration of electronic instruments, etc.

Actually he is a Guest Professor at Tallinn Technical University. His current course covers the new technologies in electronics, automation and communications and the trends in relevant markets.

VA also wrote many technical articles and several books like Industrial Automation – Volume I: Basics of Automation, Robotics: basics and applications, Numeric controls: programming and applications, Programmable controllers, The Grafcet, Digital electronics and microprocessors, Technologies and applications of microcomputer systems. He is also the owner of the Linkedin group “Industry 4.0 in Europe”.