Boosting Innovation

The general aim of the course is to aid all profiles of disruptors and innovators in different business units to understand what it means to be a Change Agent through Innovation.

With real-world examples, the participants will explore the latest research on the topic and build specific tactics and plans for adapting Change Management to Innovation and Agile Iterative Development.

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8 Weeks (11 ECTS)


Zigurat-specific degree


With live virtual classes


Enrollment Period Open
Starting date: January 2021

Choosing your change-making approach must go hand-in-hand with the strategic priorities of the company.

The contents of this interactive workshop-like course cover a variety of real-world examples and case studies. During the sessions, you will acquire a bird’s eye view of the innovation foundations and align the most important change methods to navigate and institute transformational change.

Methodological Approaches

Agile Learning

Project-Based Learning

Gamification for Business

Manual Thinking®: Verbalizing

IDEO Design Thinking for Educators

Start UB! ToolBox: Change Canvas

Agile Project Management

Why you should choose this High-Performance program


Integration of Innovation, Agile and Change Management

Innovation, Agile and Change Management have emerged as important strategies for improving change outcomes. Integrating these three disciplines can improve the adoption and usage of iteratively designed high-value solutions.


Focus on a holistic Human-Centered Design approach

Through this course, you will be able to explore, observe and understand innovative projects in a holistic way, empathizing with the needs of people and delivering them what they’re lacking. Apply Design Thinking for outside the box solutions while putting the human perspective at the center of every step of the process.


Roundup of the latest research for accelerated innovation

You will explore the latest research and build detailed tactics and plans for adapting Change Management to your innovation development. The fresh perspective helps you to generate a multitude of valuable new business and product ideas by introducing startup and lean business approaches to product and service development.

Skills to be acquired

Capacity for calculated risk


Collaborative identity

Initiative with follow-through

Long term


Becoming Change Agent through Innovation is the winning course of action.

This specialization course is for anyone in the Business World who wants to master the art of continuous improvement: Managers, Leaders, Directors, Heads, Entrepreneurs in pursuance of innovation, excellence at work and higher productivity. As the consumption of products or services changes continuously, the same is expected of you and your organization.

Academic Content

Module 1

This first block search for knowing the environment in which our personal and professional lives unfold, to discover how vital interaction with our environment is, and also continuous adaptability as a guideline for action. Methods and tools that allow us to deal with this agile mentality in a dystopian world will also be known.

Module 2
Shaping the Future

Shaping the Future takes the step forward in thinking like a changemaker, understanding the keys to transformative processes, and how to prepare for change. It will also work on the practical side of developing, designing, executing, and extracting lessons from innovation projects as elements that build new scenarios.

Faculty Board

Pere Juàrez Vives

Professor at UB Universitat de Barcelona

• Faculty of Economics & Education
• BIE Barcelona Institute of Entrepreneurship
• ICE Institut de Ciències de l’Educació
• Start UB ! Entrepreneurship Space

IESE Business School Innovation Management Professor. European Union Innovation Expert. ISOCO Clever CIO Chief Innovation Officer. President of UB Alumni Club of Entrepreneurship & Innovation. IAF -International Association of Facilitators – membership. Lecturer & Expert in Applied Innovation for Education. Trainer & Senior Facilitator of High Performance Teams using Gamification Techniques, with a recognised curriculum in Innovation Project Management and Innovation subjects at the University and Organizations.

Maria Sánchez Ontín


Arquitecta por la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Máster en estructuras de la edificación por la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Máster en ingeniería de la madera estructural por la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela. Fundadora del estudio de arquitectura especializado en madera The Cambium Design.

Pablo Martínez Coto

Diseñador y calculista de estructuras de madera.

Ingeniero de Montes por la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Máster en ingeniería de la madera estructural por la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela. Diseñador y calculista de estructuras de madera en Escuadría.

Nuestros Alumni

Cuando te gradúes, te unirás a una de las redes profesionales más grandes del sector en el mundo: la comunidad de Zigurat Alumni con más de 65.000 estudiantes de más de 70 países. Aquí tienes algunas de las valoraciones de nuestros Alumni:

Patricia Tenorio

He sido alumna del Máster BIM Management en Infraestructuras y GIS y estoy más que satisfecha tanto con el nivel del profesorado como del sistema de aprendizaje que aplican. Las prácticas concretamente son el punto fuerte de este máster puesto que funcionan como un verdadero simulacro del trabajo colaborativo real en la metodología BIM.¡100% recomendable!

Ignacio Barra

Definitivamente un centro de educación que esta a la vanguardia en los temas que tratan y enseñan. Sus Master muy bien enfocados hacia las nuevas tecnologías con docentes de un gran nivel y junto al staff de soporte hacen de un buena experiencia de aprendizaje.

Cristina Palomar Lozano

Muy recomendable. La metodología online que utilizan te permite compaginar el máster elegido con el trabajo. Me ha gustado mucho el enfoque 100% práctico ya que es la mejor forma de aprender, y el apoyo tanto de profesores como del equipo académico en los foros es muy bueno.

Acreditaciones y membresías

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