Global Master's in
Internet of Things (IoT)

Acquire knowledge about how IoT technologies work and develop management skills that allow you to bridge the gap between technical and business needs.

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1 academic Year (60 ECTS)


With live virtual classes


Enrollment Period Open
Starting date: November 2022

The Global Master’s in Internet of Things (IoT) brings a genuine perspective that combines both business and technical approaches

This program will provide students with an end to end view of IoT projects, with special emphasis in their Proof of Concept (PoC).

The master's has been designed for professionals who want to transform and improve their business models thanks to IoT, adding a differential value to increase their competitiveness in the global market.

Benefits of choosing this Master's program


Experience a 360º Transversal Program

This master’s covers the transversal needs for those who want to implement IoT and take their business to a new level. The program addresses how the business model can be affected, how to manage the implementation and new architectures, edge computing, cloud technologies, visualization, and analytics involved (observability, AI or Machine Learning).


Go deeper into IoT’s Double Business Application

IoT solutions can be incorporated both in the production processes of businesses (to improve them or gather data) or directly in the products. This differentiation changes the focus and processes to be carried out during the development of the project. Only a specific master’s like this one will permit you to learn the difference in approach and management.


Shape your IoT idea into a world-ready project

Throughout the program you will work on a Final Master’s Thesis focused on an IoT project of your choice. You will work in groups composed by multidisciplinary profiles applying agile methodologies.


Develop Technical and Management Skills

This master’s degree proposes a well-planned program that takes care not only of technical and business competencies but also deploys the best practices to succeed in IoT projects, integrating the communication among different stakeholders.


Get a multisectoral approach

IoT solutions can be applied in many markets and there are thousands of business niches where it can be used with significant results. For instance, the automation industry, retail, manufacturing, food processing, farms, and much more.


Explore the potential of IoT for different departments

This master’s seeks to explore the possibilities that IoT adds to the different departments of a company (such as Marketing or Human Resources). This program will allow the participants to open their spectrum of innovation and identify new value propositions for enterprises.

Academic Content

Block 1
Business Models and Project Management

M1. Fundamental concepts

M2. Business models, market realities and Industry 4.0 application

M3. Tools and methodologies for day-to-day

M4. How to approach projects, budgets and teams.

Block 2
New Paradigm of Architectures

M5. IoT architectures

M6. Security and cybersecurity

Block 3
Edge and Fog, Connecting Things

M7. Edge vs Fog computing

M8. Hardware development and prototyping.

M9. Industrial and professional devices

M10. Communications and protocols

M11. Securing communications and connectivity

Block 4
Cloud, Visualization and Analytics

M12. Cloud computing

M13. Analytics and data visualization

M14. Cloud security and taking care of data

Master’s Final Thesis

The Master’s Final Project will be developed progressively throughout the program, but an important space is reserved at the end of the course for the total integration of the elements worked on, in addition to the deliverables for their evaluation. All the professors provide consultancy services in their field of expertise to help with the thesis development.

Oriol Rius IOT Consultant

Academic Director

Oriol Rius

IoT Consultant

Technologist and IoT expert with more than 20 years of experience in Industry 4.0. Technology and business mentor, helping IT organizations transform and reinvent themselves with agile methodologies.


Marc Pous

Developer Advocate at

Co-founder of the IoT Coffe Talk, member of the Internet of Things Council and former co-founder of the IoT platform startup. Manager at the IoT communities in Barcelona and Munich. Responsible for co-organizing the international event IoT Stars at the MWC at Barcelona.

Laura Cajade

Marketing and Product Strategist Director

Over 19+ years in product and marketing strategy in leadership positions, bringing digital transformation to existing companies. Telecom Engineering background.

Klaus Landsdorf

Electrical engineering and electronics.

Researching senior software developer for industrial automation and software based innovations.

Atif Ali

Mechatronics Engineer specialized in IOT & Robotics

Highly experienced with Electro-mechanical design and Software Systems integration for complex physical systems and processes. A passionate open-source advocate, focused at the intersection of hardware and software design for perceptive physical world observability.

Julian Junge

Solutions Consultant Data & IoT

Highly driven, well trained IT Manager with 15 years Industry experience in technically complex technology companies. Always focused on customer success and satisfaction.

Laura Blasco Fernández

IT Audit at CaixaBank

Computer engineer with 10 years of experience in analysis and development of security policies, standards and procedures and performing security testing, amongst other experiences.

Xavier Carné

Electronic Engineer. CEO in DiproTech and Owner/CTO of thethings.iO

Specialized in Telecommunications and robotics. Expert in embedded systems and IoT device hardware development with more than 15 years of experience helping companies to develop complete vertical solutions from the Proof Of Concept to the industrialization.

Nuestros Alumni

Cuando te gradúes, te unirás a una de las redes profesionales más grandes del sector en el mundo: la comunidad de Zigurat Alumni con más de 65.000 estudiantes de más de 70 países. Aquí tienes algunas de las valoraciones de nuestros Alumni:

Patricia Tenorio

He sido alumna del Máster BIM Management en Infraestructuras y GIS y estoy más que satisfecha tanto con el nivel del profesorado como del sistema de aprendizaje que aplican. Las prácticas concretamente son el punto fuerte de este máster puesto que funcionan como un verdadero simulacro del trabajo colaborativo real en la metodología BIM.¡100% recomendable!

Ignacio Barra

Definitivamente un centro de educación que esta a la vanguardia en los temas que tratan y enseñan. Sus Master muy bien enfocados hacia las nuevas tecnologías con docentes de un gran nivel y junto al staff de soporte hacen de un buena experiencia de aprendizaje.

Cristina Palomar Lozano

Muy recomendable. La metodología online que utilizan te permite compaginar el máster elegido con el trabajo. Me ha gustado mucho el enfoque 100% práctico ya que es la mejor forma de aprender, y el apoyo tanto de profesores como del equipo académico en los foros es muy bueno.

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The Alumni platform, specially designed for you, provides all the resources to help complement your technical and personal profile. By becoming part of the Zigurat community, you will benefit from all the synergies that will be generated around you to push your professional growth.

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