IoT – A Business Revolution enabled by Technology

Masterclass: IoT – A Business Revolution enabled by Technology

IoT, a Business Revolution enabled by Technology is a session presented by Peter Maynard, Director Program Management at Microsoft, exploring technologies behind Digital Transformation. This masterclass has been designed to describe and explore technologies that are critical to driving digital transformation. In this webinar, Peter explains what IoT (Internet of Things) is and how it’s a critical component in implementing Digital Transformation in business. He also explains how IoT is being disrupted itself with Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence and provide customer examples and how they’re leveraging this technology to drive their own transformation. This session will allow you to walk away with a clear understanding of how you can use IoT to accelerate your company’s digital transformation.

The goal of this session is to explore why IoT is currently a topic of such high exposure, drawing a lot of attention, and how to concretely work with it within an organization. Also to understand the importance of the key technologies behind Digital Transformation.

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Peter Maynard Advisor at Zigurat Innovation School

Peter Maynard

Director Program Management at Microsoft

Peter is an Evangelism Director at Microsoft working in the Global Commercial Software Engineering team. By day he’s responsible for helping remove technical blockers from customers, accelerating their journey to the cloud, but by night he spends a lot of time supporting startups and education establishments to embrace technology and leverage its power to drive their own digital transformation. In his spare time, he likes to travel, exercise and spend time with his family.