The Impact of Financial Regulations on Development of DLT Firms

Masterclass: The Impact of Financial Regulations on Development of DLT Firms

In this masterclass, Loha Hashimy, the Innovation Consultant on Blockchain & Open data at Knowledge Innovation Market (KIM), explains how having clear and concise regulations can create a supportive legal framework for the companies to expand their market and grow faster.

Blockchain’s ability to store in a safe environment anything of value is an important step from internet of information towards the internet of value. The difficulty this type of solution poses for the regulators have to do with it decentralized nature (who is responsible?) and the anonymity of the users (who transfer what to whom?). 

That’s why it is important that the governments strike a balance between providing a minimal regulatory framework that, on the one hand, boosts the ecosystem and permits the entrepreneurs to  experiment, while, on the other hand, it ensures market stability and prevents malicious actions.

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Loha Hashimy

KIM – Knowledge Innovation Market

Loha is DLT/Blockchain researcher and works as an innovation consultant at Knowledge Innovation Market (KIM). She helps public and private entities in transferring innovative projects and development of digital transformation strategies.