How to Improve my Job based on the MBA

Masterclass: How to Improve my Job based on the MBA

Zigurat holds a Masterclass presented by Jordi Damia, CEO at Setesca and Academic Director of the Global MBA in Digital Business, on improving jobs based on the MBA.

Do you want to know how the market is evolving in terms of jobs and future opportunities?

Discover what is happening today in the market, related jobs and positions, how companies are changing their perceptions of the skills and profiles they want, and the most effective techniques to improve your career based on what is happening in the market.

Find out how to convince the Management board to implement real digital transformation and improve my position in the Masterclass on how to improve my job based on the Global MBA in Digital Business.

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Jordi Damia Academic Director Digital Business Global MBA at Zigurat Innovation School

Jordi Damià

CEO at Setesca and International Business Strategy Specialist

Jordi Damia is CEO at Setesca, a consulting services company specialized in innovative IT Strategy, Externalization Solutions and innovative products. He is graduated in Senior Telecommunications Engineer from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

Jordi is an International Business Strategy Specialist, working as Consultant at BYDAMIA and Professor of MBAs in advanced business strategy in several business schools as Zigurat, EAE, EADA, UB, UPC, UOC, UPF and Geneve Business School. He is also an expert manager in business transformation, Consultant in the implementation of business improvements and improvement of information systems.