Digital Innovation Culture

Masterclass: Digital Innovation Culture

Zigurat holds a Masterclass presented by Roland Rust, Digital Strategy & Product Innovation at 9dots Digital, about Digital Innovation and Organizational Culture, where he questions two main things:

  1. What’s the current narrative about the digital mindset organizations need to develop in order to be able to drive change through innovation?
  2. What’s the Mindset Myth? What method should be used and when? Does it really matter?

Around these two principles there emerge other questions as how does innovation culture evolve? How do innovations evolve? Can innovation wait for the cultural change?

Find out the answers in the masterclass on Digital Innovation and Organizational Culture.

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Roland Rust Advisor at Zigurat Innovation School

Roland Rust

Digital Strategy & Product Innovation at 9dots Digital

Roland Rust is an Austrian entrepreneur and digital visionary. He considers himself as a creator, inventor and enabler of all things digital. He joined a risk management development team in the banking industry in 2007 where a small group of developers invested their spare time to invent a unique technology for automating enterprise architecture development and maintenance. The core engine of this invention gave birth to a software company he co-founded in 2012. This venture aimed at providing a SAAS platform for model driven enterprise application development.

Roland implemented a number of solutions for digital transformation initiatives such as a web and mobile platform to support a new data driven business model for a company active in the fields of compression and drive technology. The experience of digital product innovation projects in collaboration with UX designer Stefanie Fleisch starting from 2014, gradually shifted his attention away from technology realising that tech hardly ever was a crucial success factor in digital transformation.