Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for production optimization

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Roberto Barriga

IT Business Partner at Centrient Pharmaceuticals

IT Team leader with experience in FMCG/Pharma sector. Passionate about technology and digital transformation enabler. Results oriented, self-motivated and team coacher. Experience to align Information Technology Teams with Business priorities and objectives; prepared and managed budgets, cut costs through process improvements and negotiation for outsourcing services. IT strategic planning & Client Management, Team Building, Mentoring & Coaching, IT Project Management & Heterogeneous systems integration, Budget, Resource Management & Vendor Negotiation , IT Governance.


Machine Learning algorithms can be an answer to a variety of manufacturing complexities. They will find a pattern in the data and predict the most likely results. For example, as our professor Roberto Barriga will explain in next week’s masterclass, they allow a factory to improve and optimize production line processes, by reducing production times, eliminating human errors, reducing costs, and less energy use. Register to find out more about manufacturing in the digital era.

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