Lluis Altes

Advisory Board

Lluis Altes Advisor at Zigurat Innovation School

Lluis Altes

Managing Director at DES | Digital Business World Congress
Chief Digital Officer & Founder at Dinose

Independent consultant, expert in new business models, digital transformation and disruptive technologies. Lluis Altés stands out for his communication skills and his abilities to create solid relationships between management and the board of directors of all types of organizations.

Altés is an experienced manager and entrepreneur, capable of defining strategies and landing them thanks to his orientation to business development, marketing and the creation of equipment adapted to the evolution of the markets. As a thinker and entrepreneur who has held management positions in large companies and start-ups, Altés is a convinced defender of the reconciliation between personal and professional life, which cares as much for human capital as for the profitability of the business.

His professional career has developed within SMEs and large corporations in sectors such as textiles, food, telecommunications and technology. An experience that, together with his passion and curiosity without limits, has made him a recognized lecturer in the confluence between business and technology. In addition to his interventions as a speaker, Altés is the author of numerous inspiring articles in which he analyzes market trends, or various aspects of digital business and innovation; as well as the application of BDA, IoT, IA, Blockchain, VR among many others, in different sectors.

“A never ending curiosity attitude and the ability to learn fast will drive you to success. Unleash your full potential, and become a leader in the digital world!”