James Basha


James Basha

James Basha

Motivational Teacher, Speaker, Mentor & Entrepre-learner

Professor of:

James Basha is an expert on Leadership, communication and Personal Growth
He helps people Find and Boost their potential so that they live a fulfilling life and inspire them to inspire others. As a result of his work people find their true purpose and advance their career.

Finding his passion, talent and potential and finding his purpose has given him the opportunity to take his career to a whole new level and live my purpose.

– Discovered the formula ¨From OK to GREAT¨ leaders
– Creator of the ¨Learn by living¨ methodology

This has helped him attract speaking engagement and implement his theories and methodologies in many companies such as: Swarovski, Danone, EADA Business School, Microsoft, Telefonica, Luxiainternational, Boehringer Ingelheim, MediaPro, Xing, Alcampo, Ser Cataluña, Zigurat etc …

He imagines a world where the vast majority of people find and live their full potential:
¨Do not be a student, Be an entreprelearner¨