From innovation technology to strategic decision-making

Discover the lifecycle of innovation through real use cases

The Zigurat Innovation Week is an online event that will put the spotlight on technologies that solve global challenges. Each day will offer thematic sessions following the innovation lifecycle.

See how the corporate leaders develop innovative strategies through real use case workshop presentations.


DeepTech success stories

DeepTech harnesses cutting-edge technologies to solve society’s biggest issues: chronic disease, climate change, clean energy, and food production, among others. As a sector, it is gaining momentum globally. How are companies innovating through partnerships with start-ups in the deep-tech field? What are the promises and challenges of these fascinating tools?

April 5th | 16h GMT+2


Moving from AI algorithms to AI business models

AI implementation is transforming almost every aspect of human endeavor and experience. It is hard to overestimate its potential. All companies, from startups to large corporations, will try to integrate AI into its systems and processes. But how to actually capture the value of this technology in real-life business use cases? How can it really make an impact on the organizational goals?

April 6th | 16h GMT+2


Deep Diving into Design Sprints

Originally developed at Google, the Design Sprint is a framework to generate, prototype and test ideas. It has been battle-tested in hundreds of scenarios and can be applied to accelerate the development of any area of a business. It is a proven step-by-step process to tackle challenges through innovative thinking.
Sprint Master Robin Weninger has condensed it in 90 minutes and will lead the process.

April 7th | 16h GMT+2

Who should attend?

Managers, Directors, VPs, and C-Level execs from all industries.

CIOs, Chief Technology Officers, and Chief Digital Officers.

Chief human resource officers, chief people officers, chief talent officers.

Start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology invites you to take part in an online event that brings you the latest on key technologies, platforms and end markets. With technology gaining in prominence as the enabler of business activities, we’ve put together a lineup of management experts, tech thinkers and industry leaders who will present the current reality of innovations.

Relive the online event and prepare yourself for your next move.


April 5th

DeepTech success stories

16.00 – 16:20 GMT+2

DeepTech, building possibilities to address global challenges.

by Oscar Sala – The Collider Director at Mobile World Capital

16.35 – 16:55 GMT+2

ALLREAD case, deep learning to improve logistics worldwide.

by Miguel Silva – CEO at ALLREAD

April 6th

Moving from AI algorithms to AI business models

16.00 – 16:20 GMT+2

Predictive Models and Advanced Data Analytics.

by Juan Carlos Gutiérrez – CTO at SETESCA

16.35 – 16:55 GMT+2

From algorithms to real data monetization.

by Angela Shen-Hsieh – Head of AI at Startup on stealth mode

April 7th

Deep Diving into Design Sprints

16.00 – 17:45 GMT+2

Workshop: Unblock Creativity & Unlock innovation.

by Robin Weninger – Managing Director at GILT


New and well-established companies, big and small industries, global and local policymakers – they are all mulling over alternative growth options at their disposal. Our experts will share with you their action plans and the long-term ramifications those testing times will have for our society, our relationship with technology, how we conduct business and compete over the next decade.

Oscar Sala

The Collider Director en Mobile World Capital Barcelona | Serial entrepreneur | Connector | Board Member

Angela Shen-Hsieh

Former Director, Data Innovation, Chief Consumer Digital Office at Telefónica | Top Data Science Influencer 2020.

Juan Carlos Gutiérrez

PARTNER-CTO at SETESCA GROUP | Innovative IT strategies and externalization solutions

Robin Weninger

Managing Director of the Global Institute of Leadership and Technology (GILT) I Initiator & Managing Director of Global Blockchain Initiative (GBI)

Miguel Silva-Constenla

CEO & Co-Founder at AllRead Machine Learning Technologies

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ONLINE EVENT / 5th, 6th & 7th of April / 16h to 17.30h GMT+2

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