Blockchain Technologies

The Global Master’s in Blockchain Technologies is intended to help technical and business-oriented profiles, such as C-level executives, entrepreneurs, technicians and government officials, to better understand the Blockchain concepts and capabilities.

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1 academic Year (60 ECTS)


Online Synchronous
With live virtual classes


Enrollment Period Open
Starting date: November 2021

Blockchain technology has a large potential to transform business operating models.

Blockchain distributed ledger technology could create new foundations for global economic and social systems. The use of Blockchain promises to bring significant efficiency to global supply chains, financial transactions (including cryptocurrencies, Token economy and ICOs), asset ledgers, legal regulations (as smart contracts), virtual security (cybersecurity), and decentralized networking.

Take your business to the next level

By completing the program, participants will have a better knowledge of Blockchain Technologies and how it can maximize the advantages out of the use of this technology. The final project is focused on developing a blockchain application or a business model based on this technology.

Benefits of choosing this Master's program


Choose between two study paths to learn about Blockchain from different perspectives and develop your expertise according to your interest:

• Blockchain for Business path
• Blockchain for Application Development path.


Develop your own application or a business model based on Blockchain for the Final Master’s Thesis.


Acquire know-how of Blockchain uses in different industries within different business departments:

Financial, legal, software, supply chain, manufacturing, IoT, travel, transportation and others.


Go from understanding to assessment and application of Blockchain in the timeframe of one year.


Learn from and consult with the academia and business leaders with the highest expertise in applying Blockchain in the corporate world.


Build your own network of Blockchain professionals.

70% of the participants of this program work in companies where Blockchain is a top priority.

Academic Content

Block 1
Introduction to Blockchain Fundamentals

M1.Blockchain and the Trust & Transparency Economy.

M2. Cryptography & Security

M3. Basics of Blockchain Technology & Architecture

Block 2
Deep Understanding of Blockchain Technology & Economics

M4. Cryptocurrencies, Token Economy & ICOs/STOs

M5. Legal & Regulation

M6. Advanced Blockchain Technology & Architecture

Block 3
Application of Blockchain Technology

M7. Business Applications & Use Cases

Business path
Lean Business Modeling for Blockchain
Challenges, Scalability and the Future of Blockchain

Technical path
Lean Blockchain Prototyping & Development
Implementation of Blockchain Technology into Existing Enterprise Software Ecosystems

Master’s Final Thesis

To complete the program, the participants are expected to present the master’s final thesis, focused on a full Blockchain project, developing a software application or a business model based on this technology.The participants can base the blockchain project on their own businesses or projects they are involved in. All the professors provide consultancy services in their field to help with the project development.

Job Opportunities

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Project Manager

Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Legal
Consultant or Attorney

Blockchain Quality Engineer

Business Development

Faculty Board

David Wohde

Head of Digital Transformation at Merz Consumer Care

After working for IBM, Deutsche Telekom and KPMG Hong Kong as a consultant and as an auditor, David dipped into the business travel industry in 2012. He created Acomodeo, the world’s leading digital provider for serviced apartments, offering software solutions for blue-chip clients such as Audi, Commerzbank, and Siemens.

Robin Weninger Professor of Digital Business Global MBA and Global Master's in Blockchain Technologies and Advisor at Zigurat Innovation School

Robin Weninger

Managing Director of the Global Institute of Leadership and Technology (GILT).

Frederik Gregaard

Chief Executive Officer at Cardano Foundation. Mentor at F10 Incubator & Accelerator. Fintech Expert & Speaker.

Guenther Dobrauz Professor Global Master's in Blockchain Technologies at Zigurat Innovation School

Guenther Dobrauz

Doctor of Laws (PhD).

Philipp Sandner Professor Global Master's in Blockchain Technologies at Zigurat Innovation School

Philipp Sandner

Doctor of Science (PhD).

Emi Lorincz

Business Development Director at Ledger, Board Member Crypto Valley Association.

Anna Caroline Langer

Consultant at micobo and Co-Founder of DLT Talents.

Daniel Diemers Professor Global Master's in Blockchain Technologies at Zigurat Innovation School

Daniel Diemers

Co-Founder and Partner at SNGLR Group, a hybrid tech company focusing on exponential technologies. Developer, Architect & Tech Lead.

Ali Pasha Foroughi

Independent Developer, Architect & Tech Lead.


Cedric Mössner

Cedric Mössner

Blockchain Security Expert.


Kambiz Djafari

Kambiz Djafari

Director Group Marketing at SKYLAUNCH | Digital Marketer | Blockchain Educator.

Miguel Vaz

PhD in Robotics and AI. Product Manager Digital Asset Custody at blocknox, a company of Stuttgart Stock Exchange.

Industry Meetings

Meet and greet the people shaping the blockchain space. As part of the master’s program, we organize monthly industry meetings focused on the cutting-edge companies, such as Corda, Cardano, Ledger Crypto among others, that are using blockchain to offer solutions to various challenges and leave their mark on how the business is done.

Acreditaciones y membresías

Our training is a 360º experience

Zigurat Ecosystem, beyond the Online

International Weeks, our Global Networking

Admission Process


The Alumni platform, specially designed for you, provides all the resources to help complement your technical and personal profile. By becoming part of the Zigurat community, you will benefit from all the synergies that will be generated around you to push your professional growth.


Jean Bosco Ahorukomeye

Operational Risk Controller at Oney Insurance

“Looking at the global trend especially as someone who is working financial sector it´s a very promising technology that everybody is going to adopt it near future”

What are the key points of the master’s and how has your experience been so far?

When I started, I had zero skills and knowledge about blockchain. But over time, now, after four-five months, my confidence has increased dramatically. In addition to my new skills in blockchain, I’ve also been able to meet people and sharing my knowledge with them has been a very satisfying experience. The end result of my studies is going to be the application of blockchain.

What has this master’s degree meant for your career?

Looking at the global trend, as someone working in the financial sector, it’s a very promising technology that everybody is going to adopt soon. I haven’t applied blockchain at my current job, but, for the first time, thanks to this technology, I’m actually thinking about becoming an entrepreneur. I’m already talking with people, networking and thinking about my project that will change the lives of the people.

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