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How blockchain
technologies change
the world

Welcome back to the online blockchain summit that you have been waiting for!

You've asked us for it, and the event that brings industry leaders and tech visionaries to your doorstep is back! Due to the resounding success of the first edition and the popular demand, we will rebroadcast the highlights of the Global Blockchain Summit.

Now more than ever, the Blockchain industry is not resting on its laurels, but coming up with state-of-the-art solutions to tackle the challenges around the globe. As the stakes and expectations for data-driven and tech-empowered future have raised, we invite you to discover blockchain’s unique features.

Showcasing the global blockchain community and the broad range of applications that are changing how we conduct business and participate in societal processes, Global Blockchain Summit brings you more than three hours of presentations and insights.

The Highlights broadcast of the Global Blockchain Summit is the ideal occasion to consolidate your understanding of blockchain’s uses in different industries and in combination with other technologies.

Get to know
the agenda.

3.00 pm - Institutional Welcome

Blockchain Basics

3.30 pm - What is Blockchain anyway?

David Wohde

4.00 pm - How does Blockchain change the world?

Robin Weninger

4.30 pm - Blockchain Governance Framework

Loha Hashimy

Tech Talks

5.00 pm - Technical Framework - Building Blocks

Cedric Mössner

5.30 pm - Technologies for more Cybersecurity

Cedric Mössner

Tech Applications

6.00 pm - Cryptonomics ICO and STO

Daniel Diemers

6.30 pm - Next-generation of blockchain technologies in the IoT field

Serguei Popov

7.00 pm - How IOTA could change IoT sphear

Dmitry Broshkov

Industry Applications

7.30 pm - Blockchain and the Legal World

Guenther Dobrauz

8.00 pm - Blockchain & Construction

Alejandra Labarca

Top Blockchain
experts speakers

Guenther Dobrauz

Doctor of Laws (PhD), Partner & Leader PwC Legal Switzerland, Advisory of Swiss LegalTech and Fintech Associations, Founder of Disruption Disciples Considered one of the leading Law advisors in European Banking, Investment and Blockchain/ Crypto.


Daniel Diemers

Partner at PwC Strategy&, serving clients in the financial industry in the development of successful growth strategies, specialized in market entry and expansion, FinTech, and risk management. He holds a PhD in Business Administration from Universität St.Gallen (Switzerland) and an Executive Program in Exponential Technologies at Singularity University (US).


Loha Hashimy

Loha is DLT/Blockchain researcher and works as an innovation consultant at Knowledge Innovation Market (KIM). She helps public and private entities in transferring innovative projects and development of digital transformation strategies.

KIM - Knowledge Innovation Market

Cedric Mössner

Lecturer in Computer Science and Software Dev. Since 2012 lecturer for various areas of computer science and software development. His main area is machine learning with a focus on neural networks and on IT security.

Computer Science and Software Dev

David Wohde

Global Master’s in Blockchain Technologies Director.

After working for IBM, Deutsche Telekom and KPMG Hong Kong as a consultant and as an auditor, David dipped into the business travel industry in 2012. He created Acomodeo, the world’s leading digital provider for serviced apartments, offering software solutions for blue-chip clients such as Audi, Commerzbank, and Siemens.


Robin Weninger

Global Master’s in Blockchain Technologies Director.

Technology Business School Managing Director at GILT


Serguei Popov

IOTA co-founder and BoD member. Serguei is professor of mathematics at the University of Campinas. He is also co-founder of the WINGS, and advisor for AdHive and Cartesi projects.


Alejandra Labarca D.

Co-Founder of BLOCKBIM and SmartCityHub. Executive Director in Somos New City

Somos New City (SNC)

Dmitry Broshkov

After his experience as freelance software developer and Front End Developer at OSSystem, Dmitry started his own business as Co-founder & CEO at ZenBit Tech, a service development company that helps with technical part mostly for startups from Europe and Middle East.

ZenBit Tech





+6 h

of Blockchain



Global Master's
in Blockchain Technologies

Take your business
to the next level

The Master in Blockchain Technologies is designed to help technical and business oriented profiles, as C-level executives, entrepreneurs, technicians and government officials, to understand, asses and apply the Blockchain.

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