Frederik Gregaard



Frederik Gregaard

Chief Executive Officer at Cardano Foundation.
Mentor at F10 Incubator & Accelerator. Fintech Expert & Speaker.

Professor of:

Frederik has more than a decade experience in Banking, Wealth Management & Asset Management. He is a certified currency trader and digital asset management expert. He advises Regulators, Banks and Asset Managers on how digital business models will impact their sector and how technology such as Blockchain, DLT, Big Data and AI will affect their businesses in the short and medium term.

Frederik is a mentor for several Fintech Scale-ups and a driver in the F10 Fintech incubator. He has worked with a larger number of Fintech companies in Switzerland and abroad predominantly covering DLT, Robo Advisors, Asset Allocation and KYC automatization, has built operational and trading infrastructure for more than 100 Asset Managers and been a part of implementing and advising on crypto currencies for Swiss banks and Infrastructure providers.

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