3rd edition now available, Digital Roadmap ebook

After the Goal-Setting and Be Digital ebooks, it’s the Digital Roadmap turn

Zigurat wants you to follow the steps to digitalization and manage your way to digital success. For this reason, we want to present you with the third edition of the Management Quickies Series, the Digital Roadmap ebook, originally published by Shapingwork.

After the second edition of the Management Quickies Series, the challenges of the digital age have been presented and now it’s time to learn concrete tips to handle the ongoing digitalization and facilitate your company’s conversion into a digital organization.

‘Progress is the realization of utopia’

—Oscar Wilde

Digital Roadmap Ebook

The digital roadmap supports you on your way to success. Follow the four-step process from analyzing the current situation to completely integrating digital initiatives into your daily business.

Create a plan to raise your level of digital maturity and get some useful tips to master the challenges of becoming a digital organization.

In this book you will learn about:

  • How to analyze your digital status quo
  • How to define strategic initiatives and start pilot projects
  • How to develop a digital maturity plan
  • How to integrate digital initiatives into the daily business
  • Tips for handling digitalisation
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