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Alumni’s Profile

We aim to provide further support in relation to future career development, in form of an Ecosystem of participants, alumni and professors. We are proud of the achievement of our participants, which includes collaborations, new jobs, and the creation of new ventures.

Additionally, a range of professional development opportunities for alumni will be provided by both Zigurat and our partners. Once you complete a program, you will become part of our network, maintaining benefits as having access to some of our content like ebooks, master classes and attending future events. Also being part of an ongoing ecosystem of professors, current and future participants.

Age Range

  • 25-30 years
  • 30-35 years
  • 35-45 years
  • +45 years

Industries of Specialization

Public Sector
Oil and Gas

Job Positions

Senior Consultant
Project Manager
Senior Analyst
HR Director
Vice President

Global Network

Map Alumni Innovation School

Committed with the Future

Once finishing the master’s, our participants will be part of the Alumni Community where they will enjoy exclusive services to grow professionally, as being part of an ongoing global network of professors, current and future participants, and having access to updated contents, masterclasses and attending future events.

We provide further support for future career development and professional opportunities, in form of a community of alumni and professors. We are proud of the achievement of our participants, which includes collaborations, new jobs positions, and the creation of new joint ventures.

Talented participants with different profiles have benefited from our program by developing new skills, from which they were able to apply to real life projects and have successfully achieved innovative ventures.

Zigurat Experience

Find out our participants feedback and watch the testimonials talking about their evolution during the master’s, the professors, the alumni community and their professional development thanks to the knowledge and skills learned in the program.

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  • Tess Guetat
    Management Consultant at G Squad Consultancy
  • Robert Kleinschmidt
    Senior Vice President at AirBorn
  • Hadeel Al-Shammari
    Board Member in Kuwait National Fund for SME Development
  • Teodora Croitoru
    Vice President at Mitsubishi UFJ Global Custody
  • Raghad Muath
    Team Leader at REACH 2.0
  • Amal Khreich
    Corporate Marketing Communications Manager at ALARGAN International Real Estate Company
  • Jan Mironiuk
    Continuous Improvement Lead and Strategy Deployment at Syngenta