Robin Weninger

Managing Director at Global Institute of Leadership and Technology (GILT)
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The coming ‘Digital Tsunami’ is destined to be the most socially and economically transformative development in human history. It will change our lives, our society, and our economy in ways we cannot yet fully comprehend.

Robin Weninger is a globally-recognized educator, advisor and investor, focusing on the implications of exponential technologies, such as blockchain, quantum and artificial intelligence on organisational structures, businesses and society.

He is the Founding Partner and Managing Director of the venture capital and advisory company Njordis, and the corporate education company Global Institute of Leadership and Technology (GILT). He is also the Initiator and Managing Director of the Global Blockchain Initiative (GBI). Robin holds several Advisory Board mandates for organisations in the educational and tech industry including ZIGURAT Innovation and Technology Business School, the Blockchain Founders Group amongst other tech companies and a variety of projects under the umbrella of the European Commission.

His latest publications include an essay on the importance of education for organisations in the book Philosophy@Work published by Unbound and a chapter on business model development and validation in the book Digital Entrepreneurship published by Springer and read by over 200k people.

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