Rafael Fernandes

Strategic Consultant in BIM at FLN BIM - Consultancy in Information Modeling
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Imagination is the special ingredient for knowledge

I started professionally as a Mechanical Maintenance Technician (ETFSC-1992), fell in love with processes and became a Civil Production Engineer (UFSC-1999). Then I became a Materials Engineer (UFSC-2011).

I passed a public competition and until today I am a career engineer at IMA/SC in the area of environmental licensing. I did a Specialization in Environmental Law and Urbanism, and currently I am a Master in Civil Engineering (on BIM).

I was the creator of the Laboratory of studies on BIM in the Government of the State of Santa Catarina and coordinated in 2013 the team that made the first bidding of projects in BIM in the State of SC. I am one of the founders of BIM Forum Brazil, I am one of the Brazilian representatives in RED BIM GOB Latam and I am also MBA professor at ZIGURAT and other institutions and I provide services as a BIM strategic consultant.

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