Mirela Vladovic Zupcevic

Acoustics Engineer at SENASA | BIM-GIS Integration
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For more than 17 years she has worked in acoustics, more than fourteen of them in Ineco, She has managed to specialize as an engineer in acoustics highlighting in the studies of environmental noise produced by transport and industrial infrastructures. These studies include analysis and development of environmental impact studies, acoustic protection studies (typology and acoustic characteristics of anti-noise screens), such as (strategic) noise maps or noise protection action plans.

She is currently working at Senasa as Environmental Acoustics Expert in the review of projects and in the elaboration of guidelines for the development of acoustic studies of Spanish aerodromes, heliports and airports.

One of her latest works in Ineco has been the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, Next Generation EU. Technical coordination and supervision of the Strategic Noise Maps and memory of Noise Action Plans on State Network roads.

Given his continuous search for process improvement and integration of technological advances within INECO projects, he has had the opportunity to participate in various innovation projects recognized and awarded. Among them, the Esri Award in GIS for the BIM-GIS integration in the A-76 Highway project.

During the last four years an important part of his professional development has been the research and training in the BIM methodology, and its integration with

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