María Sánchez Ontín

Arquitect at The Cambium Desing
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The beauty and uniqueness of wood is unparalleled: it creates unique and cosy spaces.

María Sánchez Ontín is a somewhat atypical architect, because, despite her great artistic talents, she always understood that the structure was a vital part of the project.

After completing her studies at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, she took a Master's degree in Building Structures at the same school. Seeking to deepen his knowledge of what was already his favorite building material, the following year he moved to Lugo to take the Master's Degree in Structural Wood Engineering.

At the end of the PEMADE Master's Degree he began to collaborate with different architectural firms while shaping what would become his freelance project: The Cambium Design. This website would serve as a portfolio of his work and soon the blog would become a focus of technical-architectural-environmental dissemination of the use of wood.

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