Luigi Laporte

Managing Partner at Kastor
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Our challenge is not only to create knowledge through top-quality research, but to bridge the gap between academia and practice, so we can help transform the world.

Luigi Laporte is an Electrical Engineer (UFMG-BR) with an Executive MBA (UTDT-AR) and a Graduate Certificate in Logistics and SCM (MIT), and a PhD Candidate in Operations Management (IE Business School).

His career is a reflection of his curiosity and passion for knowledge and real-world impact.

He has 20+ years of consulting experience and is a co-founder and Managing Partner at Kastor. He also teaches in several universities around the world, including the MIT CTL (USA), UTDT (Argentina), and ZIGURAT (Spain).

He is particularly interested in helping organizations achieve their best version by adopting superior technology, policies, processes, and organizational models.

Involved in the following courses

Corporate services

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