Lech Rzedzicki

Managing Principal Engineer at MarkLogic
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I am fascinated by the endless possibilities of progressing technology!

Lech Rzedzicki is Managing Principal Engineer at MarkLogic, where he leads and mentors the EMEA support team.

MarkLogic Server is a document-oriented database. It is a NoSQL multi-model database that evolved from an XML database to natively store JSON documents and RDF triples, the data model for semantics. It is designed to be a data hub for operational and analytical data. It can also be used in conjunction with SmartLogic Semaphore - a Semantic AI platform.

His aim is to share his excitement with technology with other people and make technology work for us all.

His mission is to understand people's needs and to discuss with them how appropriate technology can help them tackle them.

Involved in the following courses

Corporate services

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