Karol Argasiński

CEO & Founder at BIMfaktoria
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My passion is to transform what is temporary and impermanent into permanent and fascinating experiences

Karol Argasiński founded BIMfaktoria out of his passion for historic and heritage preservation.

It began with extensive architectural analysis through the inventory by laser scanning of existing historic structures. By repeatedly refining the process of digitizing historic structures, he gained knowledge of approaches to historic preservation using point clouds and complex BIM tools such as PointCab, Archicad, Revit and Allplan to create HBIM-specific assets.

BIMfaktoria has expanded its services not only with comprehensive inventories in accordance with OpenBIM, but also with activities aimed at improving the work of architects and engineers in the AECO industry. By implementing BIM software and the OpenBIM methodology throughout the project lifecycle, BIMfaktoria digitizes the world around us, transforming what is temporary and impermanent into permanent and fascinating experiences, images and animations. The company is also the exclusive partner of PointCab GmbH in Poland.

He is also co-editor of the BIMe Initiative, co-creating the Polish version of the BIM Dictionary and belongs to the buildingSMART Polska association, co-creating the Educational Room.

Furthermore, Karol is a GRAPHISOFT Certified BIM Manager and a Certified ArchiCAD Professional.

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