Ignasi Cubiñà

Director de Estrategia y Sostenibilidad y socio del Grupo Construcía. Cofundador de Eco Intelligent Growth.
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Now that Nature force us to reboot our system, is time to stop, think and connect the right way

Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer (CSO) & Partner at Grupo Construcía. Co-Founder of Eco Intelligent Growth. Circular Economy strategist. Cradle to Cradle ambassador. Visionary and passionate strategist and entrepreneur, he thrives to implement the cradle to cradle principles since 2007. A biologist by training, he co-founded Eco Intelligent Growth (EIG - Construcía Group) in 2005 with the aim of implementing Cradle to Cradle® principles and the Circular Economy for the transformation of industry, economy and society towards a model compatible with planetary boundaries. Together with the EIG team he developed methodologies, tools and metrics for the implementation of circularity. An international reference in circular innovation, he has participated in international events such as Kingpins Transformers, TED Talk, Resource London, Smart Cities, Wastebuild Amsterdam among others. He collaborates in different master's programmes, including the UPC Chair of Circular Economy and Grupo Construcía.

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