Evelio Sánchez

Open BIM Consultant at ediliciaBIM
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Information management is about people before it is about tools

Architect with extensive experience in public and private works, as well as a master's degree in Urban Rehabilitation and Renewal Passionate about technology and software, and in direct contact with the main tools directly and indirectly related to the BIM world, process automation and Programming applied to the optimization of workflows in technical studies.

Passionate defender of open formats and open source software. In the constant search for new applications and workflows that provide benefits in the construction value chain. Driven by his interest in open standards, he is part of the team that has launched I❤️IFC, a platform of online tools for managing IFC files.

Member of the development and management team of BiMMate, a specialized BIM tool design company such as MAMBA, advanced BIM measurement and budget software. He is a partner in ediliciaBIM, an international BIM consultancy, in which he leads the business strategy and BIM implementation in organizations.

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Corporate services

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