David Wohde

Senior Director Digital Transformation at Merz Consumer Care GmbH
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Digital transformation is not a destination, it's a journey of continuous evolution and innovation

David is a digital enthusiast and serial entrepreneur with many years of experience in building and scaling ventures in the B2B field. As an empathic leader he is an expert in setting up scalable, digital business models in the Prop-/Fin-/Travel-Tech industry.

David's last, co-founded venture Acomodeo was named one of the European Top 100 Prop-Techs in 2017. Since 2018 David is building WeWork's innovation platform, helping startups to thrive and corporates to cope with disruption. Digital transformation at the interface of old economy and new technologies has become his absolute passion.

As a mentor, lecturer and speaker David covers the topics of corporation innovation, digital business modelling, startup incubation, digitalisation in real estate markets, B2B marketing and blockchain.

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Corporate services

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