Becki Clark

Consultant at Frazer-Nash Consultancy
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My aim is to deliver work that is meaningful and that has a significant environmental, social and economic impact.

Becki Clark is a Consultant in Frazer-Nash Consultancy in their Net Zero Carbon and Environmental Assurance division.

She has over 12 years’ hands-on experience in facilitation and sustainability consulting, ranging from managing and delivering change programs in client organisations focused on improving efficiency; delivering sustainability targets; positively influencing urban and rural metabolism elements and engaging with planning smart energy. She has facilitated programmes to improve sectors including food and drink manufacturing, traditional heavy manufacturing, farming and agriculture, local government and tourism and recreation.

She has experience of working on a number of smart urban development projects, including digital strategies for the Isle of Wight and Merthyr Tydfil as well the the 5G test bed in Sunderland, and the UK's Connected Places Catapult as 5G Action Learning Network Lead.

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