Ahmed Sharaf

Water and Wastewater Engineer at M2 Engineering
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If water is life, then I gave life to more than two million people around the world. For ten years, I helped people have access to potable water and safely dispose of their waste: a human right for them, a passion for me.

For ten years of providing municipal infrastructure engineering services, I make my mission to approach every project with a fresh mind to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions with the requirements of clients in mind.

Whether it's developing an integrated design for a water/wastewater treatment facility, planning a pressurized/gravity conveyance or a surface drainage system, or supporting the construction of an infrastructure project, I provide engineering services while keeping a keen eye on minimizing cost and maximizing the sustainability of the product.

Researching innovative technologies to better recover water, energy, and nutrients from "used" water, as well as mentoring young engineers, are definitely two things I've been enjoying doing.

When I'm not engineering water systems, you can find me out exploring nature with my family and friends.

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