DECEMBER 16th | 4:00pm (CET) | ONLINE

We put the focus on urban models conceived from a more respectful and sustainable perspective.

Given the growing challenges faced by cities in their search for more sustainable communities, Zigurat organizes a one-day conference in which we will showcase smart city projects that have prospered and the barriers they have faced along the way.

Discover the successful projects that have been carried out or are in progress, and dive into the insights from the masterminds behind them who will indicate in what direction the new generation of Smart Cities is evolving.

Project studies from different parts of the world brought together to contribute to a comprehensive view from the frontlines of implementing innovative solutions and strategies. Those responsible for the change will tell us first hand what level of Smart have the cities reached.

We will analyze why the selected smart projects have succeeded, thus turning cities into more livable, sustainable, and inclusive environments. Cities that are now a plausible reality, thanks to technology and innovation.

With renowned professionals as our guides, we will explore how to make the Smart City concepts understood and accessible to all its inhabitants. And that way, empower smart citizens who participate in the decision-making process and are aware of the responsibilities and benefits of being part of a Smart City.

16.00 h
Welcome to NextGen Cities!

Joana Pinto Zigurat Global Institute of Technology

16.05 h
Re-engineering Smart Cities

Jorge Saraiva Chief Innovation Officer at Grupo Três60, Portugal. Leader of the European Network of City Policy Labs (

16.45 h
Advancing the Circular Build Environment in Norway

Jordi Pascual Circle Economy, Amsterdam

17.15 h
Unlocking the Potential of European Cities, One Project at a Time

Raffaele Barbato Urban Innovative Actions (UIA)

André Costa Economic Development and Entrepreneurship Head-Chief at Municipality of Aveiro, Portugal

18.10 h
Smart Air Quality Management in Cities

Marc Ottolini Airlabs

18.30 h
Sharing Cities & How to Develop the Market for Smart City Solutions

Brooke Flanagan Project Coordinator – Environment at EUROCITIES

Miguel García-Fuentes Responsible of Energy – Strategy and Business Development Department at Cartif

19.15 h
United for Smart Sustainable Cities: a UN Initiative

Tania Marcos Paramio Head of the Smart Cities Unit at the Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE)

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the smart projects that have marked a difference for the communities they were conceived for. In this event, we will be accompanied by professionals from leading companies in the smart city solutions market such as Circle Economy and others.
Jorge Saraiva
Chief Innovation Officer at Grupo Três60, Portugal.

Leader of the European Network of City Policy Labs ( He’s been fully dedicated to Smart Cities and Communities since 2012 in the following activities: creation of EngageCitizen, the first citizenry social network fully integrated to eGov system; project leadership of the Smart.London; co-chair of EU EIP Smart Cities and Communities (citizen focus) and VP of DigitalTown (US public listed Smart Cities tech company). He has also acted as Business Angel at TST and as entrepreneur/founder of a web/mobile lab named Codeangel.

Jordi Pascual
Advancing the Circular Build Environment in Norway

Jordi is driven by systemic transformation and creates a new economic model that delivers prosperity within the boundaries of our planet. In his role at Circle Economy, he works together with cities to analyse their socio-economic system, scope their opportunities and realise innovative, practical and impactful circular economy strategies. Jordi’s background is in Economics, with an emphasis on Development Economics, behavioural change, and business innovation to drive impact. His previous professional experience is in the strategic consultancy field, working with public administrations and businesses in tackling complex challenges like the digital transformation of Governmental Departments, scale-up of Circular Economy business models or development of CSR plans.

Raffaele Barbato
Project Coordinator at Urban Innovative Actions.

At UAI, Raffaele coordinates the team in charge of organising the selection process of projects, supporting selected projects during the implementation phase and coordinating the capitalisation process of the knowledge generated by urban authorities and key stakeholders involved. Raffaele worked with more than 500 urban authorities for 8 years at URBACT where he provided methodological support to EU cities engaged in exchange and learning activities. Raffaele is also a lecturer at different universities in France and abroad, on topics related to the Urban Dimension of EU Policies, participative and integrated urban planning.

André Costa
Economic Development and Entrepreneurship Head-Chief at Municipality of Aveiro, Portugal.

Responsible for all Structural Funds and European Programs applications for funding, managed by the City Hall of Aveiro. Manager of specific European projects, such as: UNIC and FIN-URB-ACT, EUniverCities and JOBTOWN under the Urbact Program. Coordinator from the City of the Aveiro Entrepreneurial project and Project Manager Aveiro Steam City Project. Licensee & Co-Organizer of TEDxAveiro and [email protected]

Marc Ottolini
CEO at Airlabs

Airlabs is one of the world’s leading pioneers in clean air technology. Marc holds a MSc in Electrical Engineering and an MBA and is passionate about creating great products and the positive impact that technology and innovation can have on society. He was a business manager and leader at Philips Electronics and then moved into commercialising new technologies in global markets, both in a Plc and a PE-backed business, to ultimately start up and grow his own technology business. He then moved across from smart green building technology via clean(er) power generation to the rapidly evolving electro-mobility sector at UJET.

Brooke Flanagan
Project Coordinator – Environment at EUROCITIES

Eurocities is the network of major European cities. Founded in 1986, the network brings together the local governments of more than 140 large cities in 39 European countries. Brooke is also Director at Future Climate, a not-for-profit organisation, working on national policy and innovative delivery programmes to bring about sustained action on climate change

Miguel García-Fuentes
Project Coordinator at the CARTIF Technology Centre.

Responsible of Strategy and Business Development for Energy at Cartif. His working fields include the topics of energy efficiency, building energy technologies and renovation and Smart and Sustainable transformation of Cities. He has coordinated the H2020 EU funded projects REMOURBAN (GA 646511) and OptEEmAL (GA 680676).

Tania Marcos Paramio
Head of the Smart Cities Unit at the Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE)

Head of the Smart Cities Unit at the Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE), where serves as Manager of the Standards Committee CTN 178 “Smart cities”, and acts as the national focal point for the development of Standards for Local Governments, which assist their transformation into smart cities/smart tourism destinations.
She is Vice-Chair of the UN initiative United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 11, where she also participates at the Thematic Group on City Platforms, co-leading WG3 for transitioning to a new architecture framework for future city platforms.

Join the change with our Master’s in Global Smart City Management

This master’s program is designed within the framework of the Smart City concept and aligned with the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, to provide the participant with a multidisciplinary approach, while taking into account the emerging technological tools in urban contexts.

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