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Zigurat to participate at the BIM Convention of Eskişehir 2019, Turkey


Zigurat will introduce its academic proposal and participate with a stand at the international BIM Convention of Eskişehir 2019 in Turkey. The event will take place on Saturday, November 16, 2019, at the ETO Fair and Congress Center Auditorium and will bring together professionals from all over the world to talk about BIM in the context of Industry 4.0. On Friday, November 15, our team will hold a career orientation session at ESTU.

As one of the leading industries in Turkey, construction is an important contributor to the growth of the national economy. In this context, the use of BIM has emerged as a strategic solution by public authorities to assure the sustainable performance of the construction industry in the national market. However, there are still many obstacles that the Turkish industry will have to face to be able to adopt BIM and the organizational structure and culture associated with it. There are studies that indicate that  “ignorance about the added value of BIM in the industry” and “lack of standards/legislation” are the most significant impediments for the Turkish industry.  It’s against that background that the Eskişehir Branch of Chamber of Architects of Turkey (U.I.A. Section of Turkey) has organized the upcoming BIM Convention. The program of the event aims to cover the ins and outs of BIM: how it has developed, how it has reflected on the industry, what are its benefits, what does the future hold and how is it used around the globe. Discussing how BIM has driven and changed the profession of an architect in the Industry 4.0 context takes the center stage

Career Orientation Session

The one-hour presentation on Saturday, November 16, by the team of Zigurat Global Institute of Technology will focus on what constitutes the comprehensive skill-set of a BIM Manager and how the training should go beyond individual software integrating all aspects of the methodology. Our Program Development Director Marta Riera and Smart City&BIM consultant Dimitrios Repanas will speak from 15:00 to 16:00 about the importance of working real-life cases from the start to integrate the role of the BIM Manager in all its aspects to the training program. The role of online teaching methodology and how it permits to put into practice what the reality of working BIM methodology looks like will also be reviewed. The day before the official congress opening - on Friday, November 15, 2019 - Zigurat will visit Eskisehir Technical University (ESTU) to introduce its educational offering and give more details about its different master’s programs. This presentation will take place at 14:00. MARTA RIERA Architect and MBA Zigurat’s Program Development Director DIMITRIOS REPANAS City/Urban Community and Regional Planning Zigurat’s Smart City&BIM consultant We invite you to join us for two eventful days in Eskişehir and keep an eye out for a surprise prize we are preparing for the participants.