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The ZIGURAT Summit will explore the future of construction with international experts


The ZIGURAT Summit, an international event in the construction sector, will hold its first edition on July 27th at 4 p.m. at the Catalonia Plaza Catalunya Hotel in Barcelona.

The ZIGURAT Summit is an international event that addresses key topics for construction companies and professionals. The theme “Building the Future” will delve into digitalisation, artificial intelligence, BIM 4.0; sustainability and circular economy; and equity and change management.

The event aims to bring together experts worldwide to discuss, offer solutions, and provide new perspectives to attendees. To achieve this, it has the support of leading global companies such as Bentley Systems, a company specialising in software for infrastructure lifecycle, and Cintoo, a cloud company for 3D data management.

“The objective of the ZIGURAT Summit is to be a meeting point for the global community in the sector,” says Pau F. Aldomà, CEO of ZIGURAT Institute of Technology, event organiser. “Therefore, the event will feature panels in English and Spanish to achieve a broader reach for the conclusions of the debates and to promote the acceleration of the industry at an international scale,” he adds.

BIM 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, and Infrastructure

This session will delve into the challenges and solutions offered by Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Infrastructure. This methodology allows for generating precise 3D models, simulating scenarios, analysing data, facilitating decision-making, reducing errors, and promoting project sustainability and safety. Furthermore, the combination of BIM with Artificial Intelligence represents a further step in the digitisation of the sector.

Speakers: Stefan Mordue, Senior Digital Consultant at Cohesive and Director of the Master's in Global BIM Management at ZIGURAT; German Otto Bodenbender, Design Technology Manager at BIG and.James Daniel, Head of Digital Engineering at H2H and Director of the Master’s in Global BIM Management in Civil Engineering and GIS.

Sustainability and Circularity in Construction

Circularity in construction is an innovative concept that promotes sustainability in the sector. It is a necessary trend to minimise waste generated in one of the most polluting industries on the planet. In this presentation, experts will share their perspectives on implementing sustainable practices to design and construct more efficient and environmentally friendly buildings.

Speakers: Mauro Manca, Circular Economy Architect and professor of the Master's in Sustainable and Circular Construction at ZIGURAT; Nicolas Ruiz-Larrea, Technical Director at DANOSA; Laura Silva, Researcher at the Sustainable Construction Department at ITeC, and Pablo Muñoz, co-fundador y CEO de Espacios Evalore.

Change Management and Innovation as Equity Drivers

This panel will delve into real case studies and personal experiences of professionals who have successfully applied organisational change management strategies to promote equality, foster innovation in the architecture and engineering sector, and create a more inclusive and empowered environment.

Speakers: Clare Taylor, National Rehearsal Lead at MWH Treatment and professor of the Master's in Global BIM Management in Civil Engineering and GIS at ZIGURAT; Jon Blasby, Director of Castiel Consultants, and Bruno Mota, director del Master Internacional em Gestão de Projetos na Construção.

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