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Zigurat Student to Lead the Government Blockchain Association’s Malta Chapter


Jean Bosco Aherokumeye, a student of Zigurat’s Global Master’s in Blockchain Technologies is the new leader of the GBA Malta Chapter, an international professional association dedicated to promoting blockchain technology solutions to government. Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is an organization that promotes blockchain technologies by empowering individuals and organizations to connect, communicate, and collaborate to solve public sector challenges around the world. It’s an international nonprofit professional association.  As of February 2020, Jean Bosco Aherokumeye, who will finish his studies in Global Master’s in Blockchain Technologies in May this year, occupies the position of the Lead of the Malta Chapter of GBA. The lead of each regional chapter is responsible of hosting monthly meetings and posting them on the GBA Events Calendar.  GBA Chapter Leaders host monthly meetings on topics from the GBA Chapter Topic Schedule.  Jean Bosco is an ambitious young professional who has a background in accounting and auditing and has worked in the financial sector in Rwanda and now Malta.  When he first heard about blockchain in 2018, he was so fascinated by the technology that he immediately looked for an institution where he could gain academic knowledge on the subject.   When he started in Zigurat’s master’s program, Jean Bosco had little knowledge and skills when it came to blockchain. In only four months, his confidence ballooned and he started to see himself as an entrepreneur. Living and working in Malta, that has been nicknamed the Blockchain Island, Jean Bosco sees an application of blockchain as the result of his studies and part of his final project.    From Zigurat, we congratulate Jean Bosco for his new position and are certain that he will attend the responsibilities of this new role with his characteristic dedication and attention to detail.  If you want to learn more about the implications of blockchain in the financial sector, we invite you to sign up for the Masterclass: Blockchain for Financial Professionals on 13th of April at 6:00 PM CEST by Jean Bosco Aherokumeye.