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ZIGURAT sponsors the buildingSMART International Summit - Valencia 2024


ZIGURAT Institute of Technology and buildingSMART have joined forces to promote a more sustainable construction industry by adopting openBIM methodologies.

From March 12th to 15th, the summit organized by buildingSMART International and buildingSMART Spain, will promote open standards within the construction sector, providing a global platform for industry professionals to connect and collaborate.

To spread awareness about this event among a wide range of BIM experts, ZIGURAT Institute of Technology and buildingSMART have combined efforts to promote openBIM practices within the sector and lead the way towards a more sustainable future.

ZIGURAT has chosen to take on the role of Gold Sponsor, driven by the perfect alignment between the event's objectives and the primary mission of the educational institution: to make a positive impact on society and the planet through transformative education. Additionally, ZIGURAT will contribute as a speaker, sharing knowledge and encouraging the adoption of innovative practices in the construction industry.

openBIM: the foundation for a more sustainable future

The growing demand for open standards from governments, regulatory agencies, and clients underscores the critical need to integrate openBIM. This approach is essential for facilitating information exchange throughout the construction industry's value chain, driving the global pursuit to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of building and infrastructure projects.

With this in mind, the buildingSMART International Summit in Valencia aims to position openBIM at the forefront of industry progress through presentations, workshops, and masterclasses led by prominent international professionals.