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The First Editions of Zigurat Specialization Courses Have Kicked off Successfully


During the last weeks of September, the first editions of the Specialization Courses have been holding their inaugural sessions and welcoming learners from all over the world. Zigurat announced its all-new training format - 8-week Specialization Courses - back in June and the offering has since been received warmly by the global architecture and engineering community. As the name implies, the courses are the fast-track to specialization in the latest innovations and techniques applied to their industry. The instructor-led Specialization Courses propose a guided learning experience that allows the participants to enjoy face-to-face interactive classes at a distance. This modality, that enables maximum flexibility when making time for learning in a busy work schedule, is Zigurat’s methodology of choice to guarantee the active absorption of new concepts and practices. Among the four Specialization Courses, there are attractive proposals for Zigurat’s Spanish, English and Portuguese speaking audiences:Diseño y cálculo estructural de una nave industrial – This course combines all there is to know about the design and calculus of industrial warehouses using metal and mixed structures. The knowledge gained in this course will help the participant optimize the material use, execution time and cost. The course also encompasses the development of a full study of a warehouse with Cype3D. The instructors who will accompany and supervise the learners along the way are renowned engineers Damià Milanès and Carles Romea. Diseño y construcción con madera – This Specialization Course will teach the participants how to design and build with wood in the most efficient way. Knowing in depth the features of this material and all the intervening factors is the quality hallmark to working with wood for sustainability from the very beginning of the project. The instructors to provide the students with support and supervision throughout the course are architect Maria Sánchez Ontín and designer and calculator of wooden structures Pablo Martínez Coto. Both of them have years of practical experience and work as consultants for projects of wooden structures.Parametric design with Visual Programming in BIM: Dynamo, Grasshopper and Python – This Specialization Course responds to the needs of the AECO sector professionals who wish to optimize project tasks and processes with programming tools and add an extra layer to their BIM skills. The participants will learn to use generative systems in the design to assist them in their creative process. This course is led by architect and urbanist Rogerio Lima with over a decade worth of BIM experience.Desenho paramétrico com Programação Visual em BIM: Dynamo, Grasshopper e Python – This Specialization Course offers advanced BIM know-how and the programming skills that are imminent to complement the emerging reality of post-Industry 4.0 construction. The participants will learn to implement Dynamo, Grasshopper and Python in combination with software authored by BIM to increase the efficiency of project development flows and their quality. This course unites architect and BIM expert Rogério Lima and architect and researcher specialized in design and computation Rui de Klerk with programming professor Thiago Pontes.If you felt that one of those courses is just what you need to do for your career, this is the last week to enroll. Take the fast-track to specialization in the most demanded know-how in the construction sector. Check out the courses