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ZIGURAT Spearheads BIM Workshop at the University of Bucharest


In a significant stride towards advancing Building Information Modelling (BIM) education, ZIGURAT Institute of Technology led a comprehensive three-day workshop at the Universitatea Tehnică de Construcții București. This workshop, orchestrated in collaboration with the Technology Enabled Construction - Innovation Cluster (TEC Cluster), focused on both theoretical and practical aspects of BIM.

The event was hosted in a hybrid format, enabling directors, professors, and ZIGURAT Alumni to engage both virtually and face-to-face. A series of lectures, rich in content and discussion, examined the cutting-edge technology pivotal to BIM and discussed methodologies for its effective implementation in current construction processes.

“The workshop has been an incredible journey, filled with enriching experiences and fruitful collaborations. It's not just about learning; it's about sharing ideas, working together, and building something amazing. Through this course, I've not only gained valuable skills but also made lifelong friends and partners”, shares George Casian, Engineer Execution Department at Aduro.

The workshop highlighted the crucial 'Soft Skills' and 'Hard Skills' needed in the modern construction industry, underlining the importance of technology in driving efficiency and innovation. The sessions aimed not only at imparting knowledge, but also at fostering a collaborative environment where theoretical insights could be translated into practical outcomes.

"These three days have been a great exchange of experiences. It was amazing to bring ZIGURAT's expertise to Bucharest and to receive such a positive response, both culturally and technically speaking. I am confident that this collaboration does not end here”, shared Monalisa Martins, Institutional Development Manager at ZIGURAT.

This event not only showcased ZIGURAT's commitment to promoting educational initiatives internationally but also marked a pivotal moment for local educational frameworks to integrate more deeply with global technological advancements in construction. The success of the workshop promises more collaborative ventures in the future, aiming to nurture the skills necessary for the evolving demands of the construction industry.