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Zigurat Organizes a Global Online Event to Shed Light on the State of Global BIM Implementation


On June 30th at 9:00 AM (CEST), Agora BIM World 2020 will bring the latest news, update trends & developments to the doorstep of every BIM professional.

Agora BIM World is a high-aiming online event organized by Zigurat Global Institute of Technology, that gathers global know-how, experience, and practices by grouping representatives of benchmark associations and drivers of BIM adoption from around the world. That unique lineup -made up of reference organizations that develop BIM standards  and implementation plans at national and international levels and accredit training programs- will permit the participants to take home a comprehensive overview of the state of global BIM implementation.

Zigurat’s initiative to organize a global event of the dimensions and range of Agora BIM World came to life with the aim to fill the gap of information that currently exists regarding the level of BIM implementation worldwide. In such a fast-advancing field, like the BIM methodology, many reports and the data collected for them become obsolete in a matter of a year and the insights dating a few years back aren’t of much avail today. 

It’s in the context of the lack of recent updates, that Agora BIM World 2020 is structured around the advances of BIM methodology in different regions and countries to provide the participants with the bird's-eye view of the now and the new in BIM. The presentations will cover five continents, bringing together BIM community leaders from organizations representing Chile and all Latin America, Spain, Germany, all Africa, Taiwan, Singapore, the UAE, Australia, Canada, the USA, and the UK.

BIM implementation in Asia will be reviewed more specifically from the points of view of East and Southeast Asia and Middle East by Shang-Hsien “Patrick” Hsieh, the professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at NTU, Catherine Loke, the 1st Vice President of the Singapore Institute of Architects, and Issam el-Absi, the co-founder of the UAE BIM Association and academic director of Global BIM Management for Infrastructure Projects.

Moses Itanola, Executive Director of BIM Forum Africa will dedicate his presentation to Digital Disruption across the Built Environment in the context of African continent. 

Representing Europe, Sergio Muñoz (buildingSMART Spain) and Mirbek Bekboliev (buildingSMART Germany) will both spoke about their respective countries and the buildingSMART international certification. Paul Coates from CIAT -an international qualifying body for Architectural Technology that certifies various Zigurat’s BIM master’s programs- will share with the participants the UK BIM implementation story so far. 

Jorge Villarroel Bryndzová, Director of BIM Forum Chile will introduce the private and public perspectives from Chile and Latin America. 

From North America, Agora BIM World counts with the insights and expertise of Thomas J. Strong representing CanBIM, short for the Canada BIM Council that certifies Zigurat master’s programs under the international standards, and Jacob d’Albora from Digital Built Environment Institute

Check out Agora BIM World 2020 as new speakers and presentations will be added daily!

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