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Zigurat Organizes ‘Global Blockchain Summit’


On the 10th of December, Zigurat brings to the global audience an online blockchain summit to which all interested parties can tune in whenever they want and catch up on the latest in Blockchain technologies. 


To showcase the global blockchain community and give wider audiences a glimpse of the broad range of applications that are changing the way of doing business and governing, Zigurat has announced a 1-day online event: ‘Global Blockchain Summit’. The lineup of the summit offers half an hour presentations by industry leaders, tech visionaries, business influencers and representatives of nonprofit organizations dedicated to advancing blockchain technology. Among the latter ones are BLASEA, European Blockchain Association, Shapingwork Academy, ZenBit Tech, IOTA Foundation and Appetite for Disruption. The agenda of the event extends from blockchain basics and existing governance frameworks to tech and industry applications. A range of possible tech applications will be discussed, such as cryptonomics ICOs and STOs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain in the field of IoT, etc. as for the industry use cases, logistics, finance, construction, and the legal world will be put into focus.  BOOK YOUR SEAT