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ZIGURAT Leads in the Rankings for Top Master's Degrees in Architecture


The ZIGURAT Institute of Technology has reaffirmed its leadership position in the architectural and engineering educational landscape, according to the latest rankings from Financial Magazine. Demonstrating excellence and consistency, ZIGURAT has achieved top positions in multiple categories, including first place in Master’s degrees for Architecture and Urban Planning

Since its inception in 2017, the Financial Magazine Ranking has evaluated over 400 educational institutions. The ranking considers a wide range of indicators and metrics such as the quality of the educational centre, its programmes, alumni follow-up, social media presence, and social responsibility, among others.

Master’s in Global BIM Management: No. 1 in Architecture 

For the second consecutive year, the ZIGURAT Master’s in Global BIM Management tops the Financial Magazine’s ranking of the best Master’s degrees in Architecture. This BIM Master’s, already proven in previous editions, continues to lead thanks to its innovative approach and its ability to prepare architects to lead teams and manage projects using the latest technologies, software, and tools available.

Master’s in Global Smart City Management: No. 1 in Urban Planning 

The Master’s in Global Smart City Management has been ranked as the best Master’s degree in Urban Planning. This programme focuses on technical understanding, analytical capability, and strategic management skills to plan and develop smart, inclusive, and resilient urban environments in accordance with the best international practices.

In addition to securing these top two spots, other Spanish-language master's programmes at ZIGURAT have also achieved notable success: the Máster en Construcción Sostenible y Circular has been ranked first in the Environmental category by Financial Magazine. Furthermore, the Máster en Climatización (HVAC) con Eficiencia Energética has climbed three places since the last edition, now ranking third among the top master's programmes in Energy. Lastly, the Máster en Gestión de Proyectos de Construcción has reached the sixth position in the ranking of top master's degrees in Project Management.

Ready to Build Your Future?

The recent results from the Financial Magazine ranking not only highlight ZIGURAT Institute of Technology’s leadership position in key areas of higher education but also the added value of its programmes. A notable aspect of the Master’s degrees offered by ZIGURAT is the dual degree, in collaboration with the IL3 – University of Barcelona’s Institute for Lifelong Learning. This partnership emphasises the recognition of academic quality and international relevance of the programmes, providing students with credentials that are globally valued in the job market.

Moreover, these excellent results in the rankings enable ZIGURAT to maintain the prestigious European Excellence Education seal, recognising institutions that demonstrate a high level of quality in their academic practices, a commitment to continuous improvement, and attention to student needs.