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ZIGURAT joins the United Nations Global Compact


ZIGURAT reaffirms its commitment to society by joining the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative, made up of 19,000 organisations from more than 160 countries and 70 local networks.

ZIGURAT Institute of Technology has joined the United Nations Global Compact. This initiative seeks to involve companies in the fight against global challenges such as poverty, climate change and inequality.

By joining, ZIGURAT commits to adopt practices aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute to developing a fairer society. 

"We believe it is important for companies and institutions to take an active role in the fight against global challenges," says Pau F. Aldomà, CEO of ZIGURAT. "Our mission is to create a more sustainable future through transformative education. Therefore, at ZIGURAT, we are committed to improving our practices and promoting a culture of social responsibility among our community", concludes Aldomà. 

All in all, this 2023 ZIGURAT will add new actions to those already carried out in the three main SDGs for the institution: Quality Education (4), Gender Equality (5) and Decent Work and Economic Growth (8).

ZIGURAT has been promoting quality and global specialised training for more than two decades. By focusing on online programmes, it transfers cutting-edge knowledge in architecture, engineering and technology to people all over the world. In this way, it motivates the leaders of the future to apply best practices for the building of sustainable cities and societies

In addition, it has staff dedicated exclusively to developing innovative products and services for the education sector. It also promotes the continuous improvement of all staff, with regular training in different areas of knowledge.

One of ZIGURAT's main objectives is to contribute to gender equality in one of the most masculinised sectors of the world economy: construction. 

To achieve this, the institution has women leaders in the sector on the faculty board of the Masters and Postgraduate programs. It also promotes the training of future professionals, with specific scholarships for women.

Ponentes del acto de Women in BIM en Barcelona.

ZIGURAT also acts as a loudspeaker for equality in the industry through talks on the subject and strategic alliances with entities such as Women in BIM

Internally, ZIGURAT has developed an advanced Equality Plan and has a staff made up of 68.5% women and a management team of which 57% are women.

ZIGURAT is a private educational institution and, therefore, as a company, has a substantial responsibility towards its employees and the society in which it operates. 

For this reason, it guarantees decent and safe working conditions for all employees and collaborators and complies with the laws and regulations in the countries where it operates. It also fosters an egalitarian culture with real opportunities for promotion and professional development.