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Zigurat joins the AWS Educate Program to boost the cloud skills of its students


The participants of the new editions of Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School programs can now develop and boost cloud computing skills, certified by the AWS Educate program. Zigurat Global Institute of Technology is always working on key partnerships to guarantee its students access to the most important learning experiences, accreditations, and certifications for their career development. It’s in that spirit that Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School joins the Amazon Web Services Educate program as a learning partner.With the aim to provide our students with the best tools to learn and work with the cloud, Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business school will integrate AWS content in the curriculum of its Global Master’s in Internet of Things and make the learning contents available to students of all its innovation programs. For the learners, this means that they can challenge their knowledge of the cloud and build it up through dynamic learning experiences in the cloud environment of AWS, known also as the Console. The students will be able to enter the platform and practice building solutions in the cloud, as well as consult the available resources and content that accompany them on putting their vision into practice. Their effort will be recognized with digital credentials in different pathways that in the future will permit them to explore cloud career opportunities.All three of the Innovation School programs will provide its students access to the learning contents and the hands-on learning environment of AWS Console. These programs are: Global MBA in Digital Business Global Master’s in Blockchain Technologies Global Master’s in Internet of Things