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Zigurat brings together the online and offline environments with international events


Throughout 2022, Zigurat has organised four Local Hubs in three different countries in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East to promote networking among Alumni, broaden their knowledge and boost their professional careers  Zigurat Institute of Technology is an online educational institution that, in its 20 years of experience, has brought together more than 20,000 students from over 100 different countries. In 2022, the university has decided to go one step further in its goal of creating a global community based on academic and professional cooperation. For this purpose, it has promoted Local Hubs: offline and face-to-face events in different parts of the world. These events represent an added value for all Zigurat Alumni, who can network with other Alumni, members of the Faculty Board, professionals and leading companies in the sector to develop their careers further.  According to Paola Frongia, Zigurat's Alumni Manager, "Local Hubs emerged as a new opportunity to provide lifelong professional education to students. By bringing together multiple actors from the Zigurat ecosystem and the professional sector, these events allow sharing valuable knowledge and creating in-person and local synergies". In addition to the colloquium, Local Hubs are usually attended by strategic partners from the local AEC sector, who share their experiences and success cases. Some of the partners that have accompanied us to date have been leading companies such as Jacobs, WSP and The BIM Engineers and prestigious universities such as Amity University, Universidad de Santiago de Chile and Universidad de San Sebastián.

A year of Local Hubs

The year 2022 has represented the beginning of these events, which were born to generate connections and bring the online environment to the physical one, an almost indispensable element in a post-pandemic world.  Overall, Zigurat has organised four Local Hubs throughout the year in three countries from different regions such as Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Dubai was the chosen scenario for the first-ever Local Hub, and its good feedback led to the organisation of other editions in countries such as Chile (including two occasions) and India.  In total, 150 people attended the networkings hosted by Zigurat. The results only show that "the Local Hubs are a valuable nexus of connections and business opportunities, which is why in 2023, we are committed to doubling their frequency", concludes Frongia.