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ZIGURAT Institute of Technology reveals its new image


This online institution for master's and postgraduate programmes in the Built Environment and Tech Management is unveiling its new image to unite the brand and emphasise its values.

ZIGURAT Institute of Technology is announcing its new visual identity that encapsulates the essence of the company and its future vision. The new brand represents solidity and precision, which are fundamental pillars of ZIGURAT. Also, the new colour scheme embodies the innovation that characterises the institution.

“We are delighted to present our new brand identity, which marks an exciting milestone in our history. This rebranding reinforces our commitment to providing pioneering education to our students and our dedication to society”, says Pau F. Aldomà, CEO of ZIGURAT.

ZIGURAT's last rebranding was back in 2016, featuring several sub-brands and a more subdued image. This time, the objective was to adapt to the post-pandemic era, offering a new freshness, simplicity, and along with new forms of communication.

“Simplifying means understanding, and that is the strategy we have employed through visual language”, says Fran Heredia, Creative Manager of ZIGURAT. “The typographic unification, shapes, colours, and brand architecture work give the new ZIGURAT a personality in line with its values of commitment, innovation, and courage”, he concludes.

Transform Tomorrow Today: A Statement of Intent 

ZIGURAT's new slogan summarises the brand identity. Transform Tomorrow Today means committing to positively impacting the lives of students, the cities they inhabit, and society as a whole through education.

"Because of this, we didn't want to talk about ourselves, but about the strong purpose of our entire ecosystem and what we want to achieve together as a community", emphasises Aldomà.

Two Colours, Two Schools 

Ocean green and electric blue are the colours that represent ZIGURAT's two schools: the School of the Built Environment and the School of Tech Management, respectively. Through these colours, the unique identity of each school is cemented, while also unifying and strengthening this leading brand.

“This new brand is the result of a careful strategic evolution that reflects our determination to stay at the forefront of online education in the world of the Built Environment and Tech Management”, says Xavier Díaz, Marketing Director. “This shift propels us forward and reinforces our clear intention to transform the future of our students through today's education”, he concludes.