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Zigurat and BIMprove Partner to Develop the Best Practices in the BIM Field


Zigurat Global Institute of Technology partners with BIMprove, a young company located in Ukraine that offers a unique blend of experience in the design, coordination and usage of BIM Technology.
Someone once said: "We must never be afraid to go too far, for success lies just beyond." At Zigurat, we are not afraid to go beyond and reach new cultures, quite the opposite. We are relentless in getting distinctive international know-how and being the pioneering online school in the digital transformation sector. At this time, we expand to Ukraine, collaborating with BIMprove to deliver a disruptive, advanced, and innovative educational model to allow Engineering and Construction professionals to develop the best practices in the BIM field.Located in the second-largest city in Ukraine, BIMprove was founded in Kharkiv by Vitaliy Vynogradov. The company started to show dramatic growth in 2019, focusing on BIM Modelling, BIM Coordination, and Project Management. One of its most significant projects was creating the BIM model and clash detection of 4 blocks of the Northern Ore Dressing & Processing Plant (SEVGOK) in Ukraine, one of the largest in Europe. Also, BIMprove is the leading Ukrainian company that provides engineering documentation for the installation of 5G mobile equipment on masts and towers within the European territory. Vitaliy Vynogradov is also a lecturer at Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture and is the creator of the BIM movement and BIM implementation in all university disciplines. He is also a co-founder of PolygoNerds, a company that designs 3D models for videogames. "Ukraine is taking first steps implementing BIM, and the biggest issue is lack of qualified specialists. Zigurat will be a great partner to help AEC companies to train their employees and improve their competitiveness," explains Vitaliy.