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Zigurat, AIDIGITS Group and Metropolitan College of Greece join forces to create a BIM Hub that will revolutionize the Construction Industry in Greece

Among the Zigurat global partners, you will find multinational leading companies, professional organizations, institutions, consultancy companies, and universities. However, in the Zigurat Ecosystem, it is the first time that three parties have joined together for a common purpose. Knowing our identity and understanding our mission gives purpose to our actions. Our modern society keeps moving, and centuries have passed, and still the Hellenic motto of “know thyself” keeps appealing to each one of us to link our identity, purpose, and actions. And it is exactly in the field of actions where AIDIGITS Group, the Metropolitan College, and Zigurat Institute of Technology will work together to accelerate the adoption of BIM in Greece.  Metropolitan College is taking the lead to promote among its community one of the best training programs in the e-learning industry: The Global Master in BIM Management for Infrastructure Projects. The Master Degree is a unique training program that combines industry experts, practical hands-on implementations, more than 25 years of true digital construction use-cases, and an online refined methodology. Moreover, their students will be able to hold a Master’s Degree from the renowned University of Barcelona. Additionally, the participants in this Master program will be qualified to apply and receive the professional ISO19650-based BIM Certification which is offered jointly by the reputable Organizations TUV Nord Hellas and AIDIGITS Group. The triple partnership has the finest ingredients to boost leadership and accelerate the Digital Transformation in the AEC (Architectural, Engineering and Construction) Greek Industry. Access to the complete Press Release.