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Worldwide professionals gather in Barcelona during the ZIGURAT Student Week


More than 140 architecture and engineering professionals have participated in the ZIGURAT Institute of Technology's Student Week, a week-long in-person event featuring workshops, panels, and company visits

The Student Week of ZIGURAT Institute of Technology has been in the spotlight this week thanks to the participation of over 140 international students who have come together in person to explore some of Barcelona's most cutting-edge architectural and urban proposals.

The event has provided them with a unique networking opportunity, interacting with leading companies in the industry and an enriching workshop focused on one of the city's most prominent projects: the "superilles" or superblocks.

After a year of waiting since the last edition, ZIGURAT's Student Week has been a resounding success, demonstrating the interest and enthusiasm of the student community in addressing the urban challenges of the 21st century.

The Present and Future of the Superblocks

The central theme of this year's Student Week has been Barcelona's superblocks, a revolutionary initiative that has captured global attention. Participants have had the opportunity to explore the superblocks through a visit to the Poblenou neighbourhood and a presentation on the pros and cons of this initiative, thanks to the involvement of the Barcelona City Council.

With this new knowledge, ZIGURAT's students have collaborated to design proposals that enhance this urban concept, aiming to transform the traditional city model. With this task, they have contributed to creating a more sustainable Barcelona and opened the doors to export this model to their hometowns.

Ready for Construction Challenges

Beyond the Student Week, participants have also attended the ZIGURAT Summit, a public event focused on addressing the themes that will shape the construction industry's future.

Throughout three panels in English and Spanish, attendees listened to dozens of experts from different countries and disciplines. In this way, they have discovered various approaches to tackling imminent challenges, such as digitisation and artificial intelligence, sustainability in construction, and change management as a tool for equity.

Overall, the ZIGURAT Summit has been the zenith of a week that represents much more than an academic event: Student Week is an opportunity to forge lasting international friendships and partnerships, share culture, knowledge, and dreams, and foster a global community of experts committed to a more sustainable and inclusive future.