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Virtual IoT Lab event: adding value to Business Models thanks to IoT


Next February 4th, Zigurat Global Institute of Technology holds the “Virtual IoT Lab” event. This 1-day e-conference seeks to bring a complete perspective on how IoT solutions can add value to business models. The Virtual IoT Lab event will feature the participation of 5 renowned speakers that will share their IoT technology development journeys from both business and technological perspectives. Using IoT solutions is a key differentiator for companies that allows them to drive smarter operations, relying on the insights extracted from data collection. And it is not only that IoT solutions can help to detect undetected problems, but are also eye-opening for new business opportunities that can help to make the difference in an increasingly competitive market. Aware of this potential, Zigurat has organized the Virtual IoT Lab, a 1-day online event that seeks to bring a complete perspective on how to add that differential value to business models thanks to IoT.

5 experts’ participation, 5 visions of IoT’s challenges and opportunities

The event will feature 4 presentations by 5 IoT experts, whose points of view will contribute to reflect the true potential of IoT solutions’ implementation for businesses: Oriol Rius, Director of the Global Master’s in Internet of Things (IoT) at Zigurat and IoT Consultant, together with Jaume Rey, Managing Director at Nexiona, will argue about the main IoT implementation barriers and how to overcome them. Marc Pous, Developer Advocate at balena, will share with us his experience connecting thousands of things to the Internet. For his part, Victor Paradell, Global Director Cloud at Ingram Micro Cloud, will dedicate his presentation to explain how to design a winning IoT Business Model. The last presentation will be imparted by Francisco Maroto, CEO at OIES and General Manager Europe at ThingLogix, who will take a deep dive into IoT Data Visualization and Analytics.   If you are interested in attending the event, you are still on time. You can register in the Virtual IoT Lab webpage. We take the opportunity to remind you that you can still enroll in our Global Master’s in Internet of Things, which starts next November.