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The Company of Zigurat’s MBA Student Gets Recognized as One of the Top 50 in Education


A student of Zigurat’s Global MBA in Digital Business and CEO of SEELS Teachers Academy, Cesar V. Santoyo, received an award for building one of the top 50 companies in education, a recognition rewarded by GFEL.
On Tuesday, 17th of December, at Global Forum for Education and Learning in Dubai, Cesar V. Santoyo collected the prize for building an EdTech company focused on children and youth education and learning SEELS Teachers Academy is a company that describes itself as a life-changer social enterprise. The initiative launched in 2006 and its mission was to transform the image of Filipino migrants in Japan. By offering them English teacher training, SEELS Academy aims to redefine the role of Philipino migrants in Japanese society and contribute to building a more multicultural environment. Being called a teacher or “sensei” comes with great pride and honor in Japan. Cesar V. Santoyo also thanked his mentors and classmates from Zigurat Innovation and Technology Business School for their empowering shared knowledge and believes that it contributed significantly to SEELS gaining such an award.  Global Forum for Education and Learning is a conference dedicated to the education industry where the brightest minds of the sector come together on a common platform to lead, regulate, empower, and improve the means of education transmittal. The GFEL awards propose to recognize the professionals and companies who have contributed a great deal to the sector and through that back to society.