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ZIGURAT's Academic Director Unveils Strategies for Training Future BIM Professionals at the buildingSMART International Summit


The buildingSMART International Summit in Valencia has once again proven itself to be a cornerstone event for professionals in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) industry. As a Gold sponsor, ZIGURAT Institute of Technology played a pivotal role not only in promoting the event among BIM experts but also in contributing valuable insights during the congress sessions. One of the highlights of ZIGURAT's participation was the involvement of Alessandro Ferrari, the institute's Academic Director, who delivered a compelling presentation on "How to train the BIM leaders of tomorrow" during the “openBIM Mandates: Implementation Use Cases” session.

Alessandro Ferrari's address at the summit marked a significant contribution to the ongoing discourse on the future of BIM and its leadership. Ferrari brought to the table a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for BIM professionals. His speech centred around crucial strategies designed to mould the next generation of leaders in this rapidly evolving sector.


One of the key strategies Ferrari highlighted involves mentoring sessions with active and renowned professionals. This approach is rooted in the belief that direct interaction with experienced practitioners can provide emerging BIM specialists with invaluable insights, practical knowledge, and the inspiration needed to excel in their careers. Mentoring not only bridges the gap between theoretical learning and practical application but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Another significant point Ferrari touched upon was the importance of collaboration to bridge the gap between the Design and Construction stages of projects. He emphasized the need for a seamless integration of these phases to enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and ensure that projects are completed within budget and on time. A particular focus of his discussion was on ensuring COBie verification and as-built validation. These aspects are crucial for maintaining the integrity of BIM data throughout a project's lifecycle and ensuring that the final product aligns with the initial design and specification.

Ferrari's insights at the buildingSMART International Summit underscore the importance of investing in the education and training of future BIM leaders. By fostering an environment of collaboration, the industry can ensure that the next generation of BIM professionals is well-equipped to lead projects with efficiency, innovation, and a keen eye for detail.