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Professor Ramon Gras Alomà Speaking about Urban Innovation at TEDxTarragona


Ramon Gras Alomà -Director of Zigurat’s Master’s in Global Smart City Manager and Urban Innovation researcher at Harvard- will be one of the speakers at TEDxTarragona. The fifth edition of TEDxTarragona will be celebrated on May 18th at the Palau de Congressos and the proposal includes a series of workshops and networking meetings in the morning and talks that will be held in the afternoon. Under the theme of 'Batecs’, the organizing team hopes to inspire people to share ideas and heartbeats:  beats of different intensities that each one, with its rhythm, cadence and color, can carry on the sound of their ideas in the community. Ramon Gras Alomà will talk about the research he has developed regarding the design of Innovation Districts, and how to liberate the latent economic potential of the territory. It is also foreseen that over the next few weeks, Ramon Gras will publish the first Atlas of Innovation Districts in the world, in collaboration with Harvard-MIT. In this publication, they have investigated the 50 most important innovation districts in the United States, NYC, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Austin, Pittsburgh, and many other cities, in the light of the science of complexity and network theory. It also covers the factors that allow us to release the innovative potential, the dynamics, and how to measure the positive impact on society. The Atlas of Innovation Districts, announced by MIT Technology Review will soon be expanded with districts from  Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the rest of the world in successive versions. With his talk, Ramon Gras Alomà hopes to propose a more human alternative to the rise of AI, robotics, and automation of processes, as well as to the hobbesian worldview that threatens to create a society defined by social Darwinism.